Peanut & Tree Nut Free
Commercial Kitchen

You have the idea. You have the product.
You have found the place to make it.

We are a dedicated peanut and tree nut free commercial, federally inspected,  local municipality approved kitchen for rent.

Located in Oshawa, ON Rent My Kitchen was created when we recognized local food producers needed a place to make stuff so they can make bank. Located inside Eat My Shortbread we are committed to supporting your business, with our business.




No one gets into business to lose money. Pinch your loonies and make sound decisions about where to spend your business cash. We offer rental space, affordable monthly storage space as well as dedicated refrigerator space (small fee).



*Bake, cook and create in a commercial kitchen that is fully equipped to meet your needs*

*Securely store your ingredients and packaging for a small fee per month, no more hauling supplies back and forth*

*Have your ingredients shipped to RMK. We will gladly accept deliveries on your behalf no charge*




Using the right equipment is crucial to your success. Included in your onboarding package, a review of all equipment that is available to you and more. We have a steam kettle, a portion controlled machine for baking or cooking, a 10 rack rotating oven, a sterilizer, a three compartment sink, baking pans and racks, a gas cooktop and lots of utensils.


Rent as much time as you need when you need it. We do ask that you respect our 4 hour minimum window. It is best to choose your times well in advance using our booking calendar.


Rapid application approval


Use address for shipping and deliveries


1000 sq ft of production and packaging space


Use RMK address as your production kitchen


Book your onboarding, then get started same day


RMK is inclusive and does not discriminate


Reduce your stress and focus on your business


Make, bake, package and take with you


Consult with a leading expert in small business (extra fee)

“It can be both scary and exciting to take the next step in your business. Your business will not grow unless you pay attention to it. Focus on what it needs to get it to the next level. Let me help you get there. Rent my kitchen and use it as your own. You can even book some time with me to help with local supply chain, packaging and ingredient sourcing, financial supports, marketing and support ideas. Being a business owner is the most rewarding and challenging thing you will ever do.”


– a message from Trisha Bower, Owner of Eat My Shortbread and Rent My Kitchen


Our rates are competitive and are set by looking at the industry standard. While we strive to anticipate all the things you might need for the success of your rental time, we may have missed something. Please let us know how else we can help.


Our rates are based on a 4 hour minimum booking.

(This includes 1 hour for a 30 minute set up window and a 30 minute clean up window.)

Basic kitchen rental includes use of all the equipment, except Freddie, the steam kettle or Portia the portioner.


Use of the steam kettle or portioner will cost an additional $20/hour regardless of how long you use the equipment.



Long Term Kitchen Rental rates

Things happen, perhaps you are finding yourself in the kitchen more than you thought, maybe your storage needs have changed, etc.. Whatever the reason, ask about flat rate rentals.


Starts at $2000.00/month

Additional Fees

PICKUP WINDOW & Market sales

Using our kitchen means you can have your customers pick up from our location when you are there. There is no charge for this.


Minimum $50/hour. If you fail to meet our cleaning expectations we will have no choice but to charge you $50 per hour for our time to clean up what you left behind.

Monthly Storage Space


(4 ft x 7 ft x 18 in) $175

FRIDGE SPACE (24 x 24 x 24) $75 per shelf


CANCELLATION: Once you are accepted as a tenant, it is your responsibility to use the space when you schedule it. If you cancel without notice, you will be charged 50% of the rental hours booked. If you give RMK 48 hours notice you will not be charged.

BOOKING: Please contact our team at 289.385.9969 and book directly.

PAYMENT: You will pay for the kitchen rental time when you book it. Any additional storage fees will be invoiced monthly. Please pay those fees promptly when you receive the invoice by e-transfer.

SECURITY DEPOSIT:  Please budget for a $300 security deposit that will secure your spot, insure that you are serious about the rental, and will be kept if you light anything on fire and burn down the unit.



1077 Boundary Road S. Unit 109, Oshawa, Ontario